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During the delivery of your baby, there was a rupture in your pelvic floor muscles. The rupture has been sutured, but it will remain swollen and painful for a while. To make sure the area heals well, it is important that it is rested and relived from pressure. This can be done by limiting the time you spend sitting, as well as reducing the time spent walking or standing. Normal activity is fine, but make sure you rest frequently, and preferably in a lying position. This way the swollen area will get some relief. If you can sit without feeling pain, the swelling is probably minimal, and you don’t have to be so considerate.


Positions for rest and relief of the pelvic floor aera.


It is important that these positions are used several times a day in the first few weeks.

1.                   Lie on you back with a pillow underneath bottom and thigh, so that the pelvic floor is raised. Make sure that your lower back is rested against the surface. Keep this position for 15-20 mins.

2.                   Lie on your front, over a rolled up duvet or pillows, which will make the rectum the highest point of your body. Keep the position for 15-20 mins.


Pelvic floor exercises.


When contracting the pelvic floor (P.F) muscles, you should feel an internal pull upward and inward, and a tightening around the urethra, vagina and rectum. Breath normally while exercising, avoid holding your breath. It is important that no accessory muscles are used, like thigh, gluteal and abdominal muscles. When contracting the P.F muscles it is important that you pull up and in, and don’t press down.


Advice 0-6 weeks after bith.


-          By drinking lots of fluid and eating a healthy and fibre rich diet, you can avoid obstipation and release some of the pressure towards the pelvic floor.

-          Start gently with the exercises. A good starting position is on your back with your legs apart. Contract the pelvic floor muscles by pulling up and in. Start with 5 contractions, 3 times a day.

-          After 4 weeks you can increase the number of repetitions to 10 and try to hold every contraction for 3-5 secs.


Exercises 6 weeks after birth.


Normally the wound has healed after 6 weeks, and it is important to start intensive training of the P.F Muscles.

-          Chose a position with your legs apart.

-          Contract the P.F muscles as tight as you can, and pull in and up.

-          Try to keep every contraction for 6-8 secs, before you release slowly.

-          Do 10 repetitions, 3 times a day.

-          To increase the muscle volume and to better the muscle – nerve function, so that the muscle will contract automatically when running, jumping and dancing, you will need to exercise regularly for 5-6 months.



If you after regular exercise for a few months, still don’t have control over your pelvic floor area, contact the physiotherapy department for guidance.


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